Scattering and Imaging Div.

Director of Scattering and Imaging Div.

Kensuke TONO

The Scattering and Imaging Division is in charge of maintaining and managing public beamlines dedicated to small-angle X-ray scattering or X-ray imaging at the SPring-8 synchrotron radiation facility. On the basis of the reciprocal and real space information obtained from scattering and imaging, we support current users' researches in various fields, from advanced basic researches to industrial applications. Furthermore, we improve advanced synchrotron-based techniques and technologies. We also promote the research and development of X-ray scattering and imaging techniques for future users. In addition, the two teams will work together to create a new imaging field.


Time-resolved Scattering Team
BL40B2, BL40XU, BL47XU
Microscopic and Dynamic Imaging Team
BL20B2, BL20XU, BL28B2, BL47XU


  • Kensuke TONO (Director, Chief Scientist)
  • Kentaro UESUGI (Chief Scientist, Coordinator)
  • Naoto YAGI (Senior Coordinator)
  • Hiroyuki IWAMOTO (Visiting Scientist)

Time-resolved Scattering Team
  • Hiroshi SEKIGUCHI (Team leader, Senior Scientist)
  • Hiroo TAJIRI (Senior Scientist)
  • Hiroyasu MASUNAGA (Senior Scientist)
  • Noboru OHTA (Research Scientist)
  • Satomi INABA-INOUE (Research Scientist)
  • Koki AOYAMA (Engineer)
  • Hongyi GAN (Research Scientist)
  • Mufundirwa Albert (Project Scientist)

Microscopic and Dynamic Imaging Team
  • Akihisa TAKEUCHI (Team leader, Senior Scientist)
  • Yasuko TERADA (Senior Scientist)
  • Masato HOSHINO (Senior Scientist)
  • Masayuki UESUGI (Senior Scientist)
  • Masahiro YASUTAKE (Research Scientist)
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